Therapy Services for Individuals and Couples in South West England

With more than 15 years’ experience of working with individuals and couples, I offer a confidential therapy service, designed to meet your particular needs.

Personal Therapy

Integrating recognised methods of therapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy and solution focused therapy, individual therapy can help overcome anxiety, depression, low self esteem and panic attacks.

Relationship Therapy

Communication issues, stressful work or family situations, lack of confidence, loss and bereavement are some of the factors that can have an impact on intimate relationships. I can work with you to clarify the issues and then, using a range of therapeutic techniques, working towards building a healthy relationship.

Sex Therapy

Loss of desire, orgasmic problems, painful intercourse or erectile difficulties may affect all relationships at some stage. When the problem is persistent, sex therapy can help. A structured programme, tailored specifically to your needs will help restore a fulfilling sexual relationship.

Sex addiction Therapy

When sexual behaviour spirals out of control; this could include having multiple affairs or sexual encounters, using internet pornography, chat lines or web cam sex; it can put a relationship, career and family at risk. Sex and porn addiction therapy can help you recognise the addictive cycle that you are trapped in and devise strategies to help you break that cycle and maintain long term recovery.

Hall Recovery Course

Personal addiction therapy may be enough, but for some people seeking help for addiction, group work can be more effective. I run the Hall Recovery Course in Bristol, a 16 week structured course for a group of 6 to 8 members, designed to work through your addictive cycle in a mutually supportive atmosphere. For more details visit

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